What we do.

Despite the funny name, we do serious business. Gitgan Media LLC is a new media production company. We can help you get on the web, make a good-looking print piece, or design a logo and identity package for your business or organization. We help our clients solve problems through marketing consulting and hands on services.

When we say we’re a new media company what does that mean?

It means Design.
Design is problem solving. Sometimes the problem is that nobody knows who you are, sometimes it means you need to communicate with your clients in a more effective way. Design means figuring out how to share a piece of information in an interesting way. It means tackling a problem in an organized manner.  Its results are as various as the problems it seeks to solve.  Design takes ideas and makes them concrete – either by pixel or by the page.  We’ve helped organizations solve their problems by applying design to: brochures, sell sheets, business cards, HTML e-mail’s, websites, promo items, posters, album art, advertisements and branding and identity work (think logos).

It means Multimedia.
Sometimes communicating your message needs to move beyond a static web page or print piece and into the area of multimedia. Video and sound. Moving words and pictures. When you have a story to tell we can help you do it, whether the audience is the Board of Directors or the volunteers at your church. Helping people understand your cause, your corporate strategy or celebrating the legacy of a good friend can all be accomplished with multimedia. If you’ve got a story to tell (and we all do) and would like some help making it shine we’d love to help.

It means Marketing Consulting.
So many times it seems that people only apply the word “creative” to the visual things of this world. We think that creativity comes in many forms. Accountants can be creative – as long as you benefit from their fiscal creativity and it stays within legal limits we’re sure you’d agree. Sometimes the most creative solutions are born out of the most everyday problems.  Perhaps you’ve got a great idea that you want to share with the world, or maybe just your market niche, but lack the understanding of how to promote your solution or service. That’s where hiring Gitgan for marketing consulting can be of assistance. Our experience has given us the opportunity to help organizations tell their story with marketing campaigns that include web, print & multimedia. We can help you with informational architecture for your website, content strategies, search engine visibility and social media efforts that attract visitors and clients. We can develop ad campaigns that create awareness, have a strong call to action and lead to increased sales.

If you’re ready to jump right in fill out our Creative Brief. If what we do seems like what you need, but you still have some questions – send us a message.  We’d love to talk with you.